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The 10 Most Popular Subjects Studied At University

College is meant to be one of the most important stepping stones in life. The education students receive is designed to give them knowledge, experience, and a considerable leg up on the competition. Students are expected to become masters at their professional pursuits. Yet it should be noted that not all degrees are created equal. Some of the most popular degrees create well rounded individuals that are fit for many different careers within their professional aspirations. The top ten most popular degrees are largely proponents of this sort of developmental flexibility.

Business Administration:

Those who are versed in business administration are often very adept at performing a number of different tasks in the workplace. You learn how to budget, plan, direct, and manage a number of different organizations.


This degree is for the people who wonder about what makes them tick. Psychology majors learn about cognition, intelligence, emotion, and disorders. They can do everything from teach or research any of the incredible processes made in the human mind.


Nursing may be the strictest degree on the list. After all, if you're looking to be a nurse, you have a good general idea of what you want to do. Helping people and assisting doctors are major draws to the job. But there is still wiggle room. There are different types of nurses (pediatric, geriatric, et cetera) that deal with different issues and environments.

Biological Science:

Biology is literally the study of life. Everything from microscopic organisms to the entire ecological landscape of the planet resides in this pursuit.


Those who become education majors often have creativity, patience, and compassion. Their goal is to teach and inspire the next generation. There are a number of different topics to become proficient in and teach. This major gives students the tools to become inspiring educators.

English Language and Literature:

Many people feel that English class was the bane of their pre-college existence. Many find themselves thoroughly enjoying this major that encourages communication and literary comprehension. This major creates new generations of writers, readers, reporters, and thinkers.


Economics is the study of scarcity and choice. How and why people choose to spend their money and time. The major can deal with anything as small as the individual to as large as the entire planet's economic structure.


Communications majors are well sought out in business, public relations, and government. Why? Because they know how to spin an amazing tale and keep people enthralled. Through learning and understanding the different modes of communication, these majors prepare themselves for diverse career options down the road.

Political Sciences:

This isn't just the study of a political structure. This is the study of current events and how it shapes the world. Political sciences prepare people for careers in a number of places: academia, government, and even in multinational corporations.

Computer and Information Sciences:

This is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today. As more and more businesses become technologically advanced, the number of people who require computer sciences majors will exponentially increase. What's amazing is that this boom is expected in nearly every field.

Each of these degrees aim to foster a roundness in graduates that will promote success overall success. After all, the aim of receiving a college education isn't solely to become adept at retaining information. Teaching relevant knowledge isn't the only important duty a college performs. It's also about trying to create a student that is well versed and learned across the spectrum each degree represents. Choosing the degree that works best for you is the first action you take before leaping across to this great stepping stone of life.

Abi writes for Richmond, a University based in London that offers courses from BA history through to BA in psychology, learn more about their offerings at Richmond.ac.uk.

Image credit: CarbonNYC on Flickr

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