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Get Your Degree in 2014 with These Great Online Degree Options

There are a number of popular New Year’s Resolutions to choose from. For some people, it’s enough to lose some of the weight they may have gained over the holidays. For others, the start of a new year represents an opportunity to change their lives in a fundamental way. 

If you’re thinking about going back to school in 2014, now is a great time to see what the country’s top online schools have to offer. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your focus, though, it might be worth looking at what degrees will be most valuable next year and beyond.

 Business Degrees 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular degree than business. A business degree could prove to be one of the most useful and flexible degrees that you could earn. 

In addition to learning the basic and fundamental skills of business, you’ll be able to choose a more specific business focus, including advertising, economics, health care management, and human resources. In other words, you can be either numbers-driven or an outgoing people-person and still find a business degree that suits your personality. 

Computer Science Degrees 

As the world’s population becomes collectively more business-savvy, self-taught technology enthusiasts are becoming more and more common. As a result, you might think that a degree in computer science could be redundant. In point of fact, just the opposite is true: computer science students are definitely in demand right now as companies everywhere rely more heavily on technology. 

Most of the accredited online colleges in the US offer a variety of computer-related degrees to choose from. It might go without saying, but a good grasp of mathematics is necessary for excelling in this field; you can expect your studies to include linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and differential equations. If you possess an analytical mind, this might be the degree for you. 

Criminal Justice Degrees 

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that crime of one sort or another will continue to be one of life’s constants, alongside death and taxes. If job security is what you’re looking for, you might think about pursuing a criminal justice degree. 

While it might seem like the type of degree that doesn’t change all that much with the times, criminal justice has actually benefited in a number of ways from the advancement of technology over the years. Criminologists are often called upon to leverage computer skills to track and better understand criminal behavior. These skills can contribute to everything from crime prevention to law enforcement and criminal profiling. 

Education Degrees 

As a job hunter, you’ve probably heard many times that this country needs as many qualified and enthusiastic teachers as it can find. If you feel the call to teach, you should definitely look into earning your education degree online. 

Like most of the degrees on this list, a career in teaching will require not only world-class people skills, but a solid nderstanding of the ways that education is becoming increasingly technology-driven. 

Finally, ask yourself one thing: was there a teacher in your youth that you still think about as particularly inspirational to you? If you can answer “yes,” think about how good it would feel to create those types of memories for a new generation of students.


Image credit: Fahim Fadz on Flickr

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