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Benefits of Self Storage when Studying Abroad

Are you tired of lugging your stuff to and from college every year? Do you worry about where to store and how to transport your possessions whenever school is on or off session? Are you looking for an ideal storage solution to help you de-clutter and save on space? If the answer to these questions is yes then it is high time that you consider self storage. 

Why use self storage while studying abroad? 

Self storage is an effective and convenient solution to your storage problems particularly if you study abroad. You can bet that your parents aren't that keen about you cramming their home with your stuff again. Well, you can now wave goodbye to that idea. With self storage, you'll get more space, save on transport costs and most importantly you can be assured that your things will be safe. Here is a detailed look at the benefits self storage offers; 

Secure Storage 

Self storage units (like the one KSS offers in Auckland) not only provide you with space to store your valuables, but also, provide state of the art protection to go with it. Facilities or rather companies offering this service have coded access doors and gates, security guards, surveillance systems and alarm systems to ward off unauthorized access. That's not all, you can lock it with your own padlock. Not even the facility's owner or staff can move your items hence the risk of your valuables getting damaged or lost is minimized. Some facilities have gone further and are now offering insurance cover in case unforeseen events such as floods or fires occur. 

Save on space and de-clutter 

If you are a student abroad then you have learnt that rent, especially in college towns, can be very costly (more info). Rather than rent an apartment or house to keep your things it would be way cheaper if you hired a self storage unit. You would be surprised by how much stuff one adds to their belongings in a year; pictures, DVD collections, books, papers etc. These things clutter your room and could make it look untidy. By hiring a self storage unit, you can store these items safely and free up more space in your room. 

Cost effective 

By utilizing a self storage unit, you wont have to continue paying for that apartment back home while you are abroad. This will save you a lot of money not to mention to peace of mind as you wont have to worry about how things are fairing while you are away. Moving your stuff out even allows you to sub-let your room while you are on holiday and this translates to some sort of income. You can access you stuff any day and any time you wish. 

One more thing to note; facilities letting self storage units have embraced technology in their industry and most of them today offer you the option of hiring a self storage unit with climate controls. This allows you to set the humidity levels and temperature of the unit as you see fit. This feature is crucial when it comes to ultimate protection of your sensitive items - school projects, external hard drives, electronics etc.

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