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An Essential Guide To Packing For Studying Abroad!

Whether you are planning to go abroad for just a week or a complete year, packing everything properly is really essential. It's possible that you go blank every time you think about what all things you need to pack, or countless thoughts come up in your mind when you are about to start planning about it. Don't worry as? We have compiled a list of essential things you need to pack when you are ready to go abroad. 

First things first 

Before you start packing, you need a suitcase! However, it's suggested that you don't bring along multiple suitcases, it will be challenging to carry them around at the airport and across the city. Along with a large suitcase, you should also bring a durable, medium-sized backpack.

 The comprehensive list 

Needless to say, packing is not an exciting thing to do. That's why we have prepared this concise, comprehensive list of things you need to pack. So, just check all the items and make sure if you've got them packed. 

Clothing: this includes the casual outfit you wear usually, and a couple of formal dresses that you might need on special occasions. There's a good list of clothes you might like to have a look at here

Money: one of the most important things in the world. Travellers cheques, debit cards, credit cards, or some cash (optional) 

Travel needs: you can't live without them. A wristwatch, earplugs, reading book, map of the area, train schedules, batteries, dictionary, umbrella, camera and film, daypack, and a small flashlight. 

Documents: These documents are your lifeline. Passport, visas, tickets, rail passes, international student identity card, driver's license are among the most important documents you have to carry with you. Also, don't forget to keep copies of each, just in case they get lost or stolen on the way. 

Toiletries: Don't forget these if you're planning to remain sane. Includes soap, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, hand sanitizer, deodorant, razors/blades, feminine hygiene products, contraceptives, towels etc. 

Medicines: Make sure you keep your doctor's prescriptions (and copies of them) along with the prescribed medicines. Some essential things include a first aid kit, vitamins, glucose powder, and other medications you need regularly. 

Miscellaneous: there are still some things that are important if you want to have a good time. This includes your cellphone, address book, photos and pictures, notepad or journal, MP3 player, comfortable shoes, laptop, chargers and adapters. 

You can find another checklist here, and it's suggested you download it and print it out. 

A handy tip 

Worried about where you will get all the boxes to pack things in? Here's a handy tip if you’re an Australian student. Get all your packaging materials and boxes from Kennards Self Storage. The advantage you get is that you don't need to worry if some of the boxes are left used. They will buy back all those extra boxes from you, and refund you the money. This way your packing will be easy, and you won't be wasting money on extra packaging materials. Find more info on special offers for students here: 

Final thoughts

Now, it's obvious that you know what things you have to pack for getting ready to stay abroad. But, you should also remember that over stuffing your suitcases and backpacks is surely going to create a problem for you during and after journey. So, it's recommended that you create a concise list of all the important items that you really need to have, and exclude the items that you can easily get that you are planning to stay. Having said that, good luck for your studies, and have fun!

Image credit:  Jirka Matousek on Flickr


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