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How to Gear Up for a Study Abroad Programme


It is definitely an interesting fixation to look for institutes and universities abroad and apply for them in order to pursue your dreams and goals in life. There are an increasing number of students who are enrolling in foreign universities while there are excellent study programmes introduced covering a large number of subjects.

Therefore, when you have found your study abroad programme and have been accepted to the institute or university, you have to make arrangements to kick start your study abroad programme. Here are a few tips in order for you to prepare yourself for the great adventure.

-          Have a valid passport and if you already have one, make sure that it does not expire any time soon. Your visa and passport requirements should be given the highest level of priority as soon as possible. Visa requirements differ from country to country so you should be very vigilant.

-          Make a visit to your doctor or a qualified physician and get a full check up done in case you will have to undergo a medical emergency abroad. Get travel insurance if possible. It is important to have a health and accidental insurance policy when you are planning on living in a foreign land for a considerable amount of time. It is always wise to be prepared.

-          Travel arrangements should be made and if you are really lucky you might be able to get cheap plane tickets online. There are various offers for students and you can just carry out a simple search on the internet before booking your ticket.

-          Get some back ground information on the country that you are going to spend the next couple of years in. Familiarize yourself with the culture, history, geography, economy etc and make your entire experience of studying abroad an adventure of all sorts. If you are knowledgeable about the country and its background, there will be less worry and you can avoid any sort of inconvenience that many foreigners go through. You can also take this as an opportunity and refresh your language learning skills. English might be used in your curriculum but the natives might speak a different language altogether. So be organized.

-          Make arrangements to have a bank account or notify the bank that you are currently dealing with since most banks consists of international branches. Have an International ATM card or even your Debit/Credit cards accordingly.

-          Star packing up. You can ship away your heavier loads such as books and various memorabilia that you are planning on carrying with you. Do this prior to your departure. You can check with the airline for your luggage allowances so that you do not have to leave anything behind.

-          Have a mode of communication with you at all times. Be it your cell phone or laptop; make sure you can get connected as soon as possible. An international SIM card would be ideal for starters until you purchase a local connection.



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