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Fun Craft Ideas For Parents And Children

When it comes to spending time with your kids you sometimes you want to do things that you know you can get involved with too. It is a much better way to bond with your child when you can interact together and help each other out, rather than just taking them to a park all the time or similar places where they run off and do their own thing. If you know your child likes being creative this is fantastic as there are so many things you could try out, here are a few things you could do:


Greetings cards

When it comes to a special occasion buying a greeting card is an easy thing to just purchase and pop in the post, however when someone receives a handmade card from a family member or friend it really shows them that you care. Kids will love making these too; anything with glue, glitter and felt tip pens has to involve fun! Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, Easter, Christmas or other occasion, you could set a challenge for you to both make a card and it has to include a certain picture that you must draw.


Jewellery making

Young girls especially, will enjoy jewellery making. It is a great girly activity and an easy way to bond. This is best to do with children that are a little bit older because of the small beads and other parts. You could start off by choosing each others favourite colours and then make a bracelet, as this is the simplest accessory to create. You could help out your child by starting off the beginning bit to make sure a crimp bead is securely flattened at the beginning of the stringing material of your choice, to ensure beads don’t fall off, and then also finish it off in the same way. Make sure you don’t put too many beads on so you have string at the end to work with. If it is something they are interested in you could then try your hand at something a bit more difficult like a necklace. There are some great kits too like these ones from The Bead Shop



Who doesn’t love a spot of baking? Spending time in the kitchen making tasty treats is really fun and a great way to introduce them to the kitchen. Cooking ‘proper food’ isn’t as appealing as making cupcakes and cookies, but baking is still a good way to get them used to utensils and watching as you use the oven etc. Adding ingredients, mixing, placing on trays or in cases and more is great and they will be very proud when they see the end result that they helped to create.


Whether it is a rainy day, you are stuck for ideas or just want something to do together; these are the perfect activities to keep you both amused! Without even realising it your kids will be picking up a number of skills too. 


Image credit: Carissa GoodNCrazy on Flickr

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