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6 Ways to Reduce Stress before an Exam

A college examination is no picnic. You need gargantuan focus and concentration to get it done. We are talking about the future here. This is the reason why many students are feeling the crunch of an exam and more often they would fail. Stress and anxiety are among the causes why college students fail on a test. Tension coming from stress and anxiety are enough to send their brains go haywire and effectively disable their ability to learn. Don’t let it happen. There are lots of ways to ease stress while you prepare for an all important test. Never allow your future go down the drain just because of stress. Here are novel ways to reduce stress and fight your way back on track.


Most college students would argue that they don’t have the time to do workouts. That’s absolutely a lie students give because they don’t know how to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Try this for size. Instead of commuting or driving yourself to campus, why not walk or ride a bike. Not only it is good to reduce carbon footprint, it is a good way to keep your body in shape. Stand up more when you are in your room and avoid sitting or lying down when you study. If you can walk as much as you can in order to get some form of exercise which is beneficial not only for the physical health but the mind as well.


Lack of sleep makes stress worse. Make sure that you are having enough sleep each night. A good night’s sleep of seven to eight hours will work wonders for you. Rest is an integral part of good mental health. If you are unable to sleep well, try consulting a doctor and get advice on how you can improve sleep. There is a possibility that you may lack some nutrients such as magnesium or drink some chamomile tea to help you sleep better.


Cramming is an excellent recipe towards disaster. When you cram you are not only going to miss out on things you are adding much tension in what is already tension-filled situation. The body tends to produce a lot of stress hormones as part of the fight or flee response. Adrenaline levels in the body are elevated which is good in the short term. It becomes unhealthy when adrenaline and cortisone levels remain elevated since it may cause undue harm to your health.


Eating right is one way to reduce stress. When students are cramming before an exam, unhealthy food choices are being consumed. Eating in stress can do more harm than good to the body. Try to eat sensibly as possible. There should be more fiber and complex carbohydrates in your diet and make sure to bring down saturated fats. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get a lot of phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. If you can’t resist sugary food, then a square of dark chocolate is enough.


If you feel your body is too tight then you are under too much stress. Try to relax by listening to music. Yoga is one way to make the mind calmer. A calmer mind is more responsive thus making learning easier. If you feel that you are too tense, try to unload the burden in your mind through breathing exercises. Take deep and long breaths and release it slowly. Repeat as necessary or until you feel more relaxed.

Study habits

Excellent study habits will save you from trouble and a lot of stress. When you are in class, try to focus your attention on the lectures. Find a very conducive study area that is free from any distractions. Keep your cell phone or mobile device away so you will not be disturbed. Never procrastinate.

College life is a struggle especially for people that just left high school. It is a challenge to make good in college because it may well define what you will become in the future. Organization and prioritization are keys in dealing well with the demands of college. There is no telling what you can become once you are able to hurdle the challenges.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera writes about stress, anxiety and panic attacks. For more information regarding these topics, you can visit his Calm Clinic Twitter account.


Image credit: bottled_void on Flickr

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